Chiropractic for Families
Family Chiropractor

Few things matter to me more than the health of my youngest patients, and becoming a father has made it a very personal mission. I perform chiropractic adjustments and corrections to assist the child (and the parent!) with sleeping, to improve digestion, to fine-tune the child’s movement, to help them grow and flourish comfortably and fuss-free.

Chiropractic for families begins during pregnancy, to help balance mom’s changing body, keeping her comfortable through all stages all the way up until the arrival of her new baby. Baby’s first chiropractic check-up can be done as soon as the new parents are comfortable travelling from their home with their newborn. Labour and delivery is one of the most physically stressful and exhausting events in one’s life, for both mother and child. A chiropractic check-up for your newborn ensures that your baby’s spine and nervous system is healthy from the very beginning of life.

There are many events in your child’s life that can impact their spine and nervous system resulting in poor posture and then on to poor health. From learning to walk and fall, to playing sports, dance competitions, use of technology such as phones and laptops, a child’s spine has to adapt to the ongoing stresses of growth and development. Many childhood ailments such as bedwetting, asthma, recurrent ear infections, digestive system issues, attention deficit disorder (ADD) can improve naturally with chiropractic care instead of resorting to drugs.

From my twenty years of experience as a chiropractor, many of the spine problems that I see in adults have histories dating back to childhood spine issues that were either undetected or improperly treated